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There are many benefits to having an EAP apart of your business and managment strategy. An EAP offers you the ability to provide a confidential company-wide program that quickly and professionally addresses all aspects of employee productivity problems. Providing EAP services is an investment in your workforce that pays by helping to keep your employees happy, healthy and productive. Every work site has its own special needs, so we will customize our services to meet your particular needs.

Will my employees utilize such a program?


It is estimated that approximately 5-8% of employees per year use the services of an EAP.

How long have EAP's been in existence and how many organizations employ them?
Various forms of EAPs have been around for 30 years starting in organizations such as Kodak and Dupont. Today, approximately 82% of work sites with 1000 or more employees have EAPs and 52% of organizations with 250-999 employees have EAPs. The popularity of the EAP benefit has increased as organizations have placed more emphasis on using benefit packages to attract and retain the best employees.

Can an EAP  meet the needs of Small Business?
Yes. In the whirlwind of growing business, it's easy to get blown away. The groundwork for success is often rooted in employees who are vital to organizational growth. Nothing impacts an individual's on-the-job performance more than personal problems. Particularly for small business, these issues quickly translate into lost days, declining performance, missed deadlines, and inevitably, higher costs. In a small group environment, one person's personal problems can rapidly spread and negatively impact others. Providing a resource for employees to address "problems of daily living" can pay for itself. Northeast Georgia EAP can help:


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  • Address employees' personal and family problems from affecting work performance and company profits
    Reduce absenteeism and turnover, and increases productivity
  • Reduce accidents and costly mistakes
  • Free manager and human resource's personnel time and energy for more profitable tasks
  • Improve employee wellness resulting in lower overall health care costs
  • Intercept and resolve problems (sexual harassment, workplace suicide and homicide threats, fights, sabotage) before they result in negative publicity and expensive legal actions

Return on Investment:

EAP Benefits

• Improved Performance & Productivity
• Improved Morale
• Increased Employee Benefits
• Attract New Employees
• Retain Key Employees
• Address Employee Concerns
• Helping Employees in Need
• Risk Management Tool
• Decreased Worker’s Compensation Premium*
• Decreased Claims on Health Insurance**

*    If establish a Drug Free Workplace and eligible through state
**  By accessing EAP prior to use of health insurance for behavioral health


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