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Stability, Experience and Trustworthiness; the watermark of our reputation and confirmed commitment to our mission of providing quality counseling, information, education and consulting services in a confidential, dependable and supportive manner. We have served the Northeast Georgia Region for over 25 years, with the unceasing objective to provide quality care, support and assistance to those agencies, companies and organizations that are committed to the future success and productivity of their employees.

The primary purpose of the Northeast Georgia Employee Assistance Program is to assist in the identification and resolution of personal or work related issues that may affect productivity and overall satisfaction in the work environment, as well as, the employee's personal well being.

Northeast Georgia Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is staffed by experienced mental health practitioners, provides confidential assistance to employees on a wide range of problems. In brief, the EAP offers crisis and short-term counseling or referral to a community resource for stress, anxiety or depression; alcoholism or alcohol abuse; drug abuse; marriage or family problems; bereavement or coping with a chronic illness; job or career concerns; legal or financial problems. For the detailed listing of services see EAP Services. If you have any questions you may use our ASK EAP service.

When the mental and emotional well being if the employee is promoted, there are generally increases in work productivity, quality of work, cooperation and creativity - providing favorable conditions that are conducive to forming a respectful workplace. When this occurs it benefits both the individual in their job satisfaction as well as employer, since all are essential to a successful and thriving workplace. Also, as a benefit of your employment a limited number of sessions for counseling and referral services are provided free of charge and in a confidential manner.

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